HSBC Branch Contact System

In April 2016, I undertook some work experience out in Guangzhou China for HSBC. I worked alongside interns there to create a simple contact book prototype for the bank.

With so many issues stemming from being a trans-national company, I wanted to help provide some sort of solution to some of the day to day problems. Working alongside time zones can often be difficult.

The Build

My team designed a simple Java application (Java being the foremost used language in China) that would show all of the main branches world wide on a map interface. Each branch was represented with an icon showing if it was possible to contact them at the current system time, (e.g. 12am in New York was not a good time to call from Guangzhou!). When clicked, each Branch icon would show the basic contact details of the branch.

The Result

The project was finished well within the two week deadline thanks to an intense scrum set up I devised. We presented the project to the Management in their Software Engineering department and we went on to win awards following the presentation.

The Future

Some of the HSBC interns I project managed and developed alongside are currently continuing the project at HSBC China. Sadly this means I cannot upload the code base for this project! However I hope to work out a way to upload the original code base with permissions at some point!