PyGeoBot was a software application created for my first year of my Computer Science Degree.

PyGeoBot was a program created by my group of engineers for our coursework module in year 1. The original specification was to create a virtual robot which used pathfinding to find and collect treasures to sort. However, we took the entire brief to its extreme. PyGeoBot took a destination (and autocorrected spelling errors) and then accessed Google Maps Static Map API to create an arena for the robot which matched the real world locations road layout.

This was achieved by writing a piece of software which took an image and produced a 2 dimensional array based on the road layout using colour recognition functionality which could fill the array with 1’s and 0’s matching the road layout.

We then ran the virtual robot on this arena, collecting treasures which the user could place via touch screen, and then the robot would sort these treasures using an engine I wrote which supported any sorting algorithm which “swapped” items.

This Project (which was marked 3 times over the year) scored a 1st each time, including two individual marks of 98% and 96%.

You can view the code here: https://github.com/502BadGateway/New_Wizards

You can view the video of the software running here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AwWYqwRJtt4

We used a lot of various modules and API’s to create this, and since we knew the software only had to run until April 2015, we didn’t really focus on using stable libraries or trying to ensure the project would run forever. Because of this, some of the core libraries are now no longer functional and the original project doesn’t run. 

However, I can currently working on releasing the core Image to Array functionality as a Open Source API. Once this is complete I will update here.